Synapse Onboarding Suite


2021 - 22


Design Lead

What is Onboarding in Synapse’s terms?

Synapse's B2B Banking-as-a-Service (Baas) onboarding process is intricate, requiring clients to select the right banking product, undergo a strict compliance process, and integrate our APIs. This can be daunting and time-consuming, particularly for fintech newcomers.

Improving Onboarding Efficiency

In 2022, Synapse experienced a surge in inbound sales calls, causing onboarding delays and compromising service quality. This highlighted the need for a streamlined onboarding product to allocate resources better.

Kick Off

Early Investigation

1 All sales flow was routed through our sales team

2 Clients were unsure about which products would best suit their needs.

3 Each client also had their own unique compliance requirements


Early findings indicated clients were keen on onboarding. The initial sales phase could be automated, with detailed aspects managed by a sales associate under client control. By grouping client needs and introducing hubs and sets, sales could be simplified. Integrating a sandbox before finalizing sales could further streamline the process.

Defining the Problem

“Need for a one-stop shop approach that leads more sales effort into outbounds sales”

Synapse's sales heavily relied on direct interactions, overburdening staff with informing and guiding clients. To simplify this, an e-commerce-style checkout and onboarding system was proposed.

Onboarding Redesigned

Synapse's onboarding project aims to streamline complex B2B interactions, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. Despite strict compliance needs, the goal is to seamlessly guide clients from the initial sales call to the go-live stage.

Three primary questions informed my design strategy

How might we better understand the diverse needs, business models, and situations of our clients?

How might we form an onboarding plan that minimizes effort and saves time?

How might we remove the need for sales involvement for inbound requests entirely?

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